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Establishing a tertiary institution of this nature is not an easy task. It is unlike the basic education (primary and secondary) which is considered by majority of  parents as more important for their children. Establishing a tertiary institution of this nature is not an easy task. It is unlike the basic education (primary and secondary)

Another are of uneasiness about the establishment of aviation school is that it is not like the other tertiary institutions like Polytechnics, Colleges of Education and Universities which are very well known to parents and considered as the only post secondary institute series of enlightenment programmes are continuously being put in place to create awareness among parents and students so as to let them know the career opportunities in Aviation Education.

I.S.A which came between the first and third Aviation School in Nigeria was established in April, 1984 and it has since then given birth to many other campuses in other African countries like Republic of Benin, Togo, Ghana, Liberia, Gambia, Kenya, South Africa and United Kingdom.We thank God today that majority of parents now know the value of sending their wards to Aviation schools as can be seen from the number of graduates each campus turns out at the end of each stream. Despite this, we are not resting on our oars as we continue to aim higher to achieve greater and better things for the school to be truly the best as being called by our admirers. With this vision, our believe is that the sky is the limit.

Founded in April 1984, as private co-educational institution with its center/campuses located at Bada Street, Lagos, Nigeria, the fundamental approach is to provide an in depth understanding of the dynamic and growing complexities of the modern day aviation, shipping and allied sectors. The realization of the set goals is guaranteed by a demanding yet stimulating academics schedule that emphasizes high professionalism.

The sterling reputation which the school had built within the short period of its existence, informed us of the decision some years back to extend the base of its operation to other countries on the West African Coast. Consequently,


Tuesday, October 19, 1998, the Tema Ghana campus of the school opened its door to the first set of students, the pioneering students numbering a little over 150, And today, Ghana alone is having three campuses-Tema, Kumasi and Ho. In the management relentless efforts to see that the set objectives of extending this golden opportunities to all our brothers And sisters in the West African-Sub-

thereby breaking the barriers of establishing Aviation School in French speaking countries. This effort was immediately followed with the opening of a campus in Lome(Rep. of Togo). In January 2000, a team of management experts was sent to London in UK for feasibility study and in July 2006, International School of Aviation, London Campus opened its door wide open for our brothers and sisters in other parts of the globe to start enjoying what their colleagues have been enjoying in the past twenty years in Africa We are poised to produce highly disciplined and well trained first class graduates who can perfectly fit into any ever growing complexities of the mordern aviation, shipping and allied sectors.

International School of Aviation is affiliated to the following bodies and institutions:

1. Northgate University, Bellingham, Washington in USA for degree courses
2. Association of Business Managers and Administrators (ABMA), London,UK
3. Pinnacle Interantional College, London in UK
4. St. Clement University, British West Indies.
5. Commonwealth Open University, Totola in British Virgin Islands.
6. Indian Aviation Academy, Mumbai in India for some of its courses.
7. The Nigerian Institute of Shipping
8. The Institute of Aviation Management of Nigeria


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